I have always loved camping, and tent camped from the time I was young with my parents. While a member of a bicycle touring club, Margie and I spent a few years using sequentially larger tents, but finally decided to buy a tent trailer to get us off the ground and give us a few creature comforts. I joined a forum called Popup Explorer owned and run by a guy with the screen name of Dno (short for Dean-O) and when I needed to pick my own screen name, used his as a guide, and came up with Yno (short for Wine-O)!

On the maiden voyage of our Coleman tent trailer, we were sitting around the campfire having a glass (or two) of wine, and the subject turned to naming the trailer. Considering that having a glass (or three) of wine is one of our favorite pastimes and we rarely travel without a supply, Margie came up with “The Grape Escape” as a name for the popup. We then transferred this name to the hardside when we bought it.